Monday, November 8, 2010

TEN months, REALLY?

I cant believe how FAST time goes by. I cant believe that TEN MONTHS AGO we welcomed baby Kaelyn into our lives. It seems impossible that it has already been that long. We have enjoyed our new addition to the family. She has fit in just perfectly.

Hannah meeting Kaelyn for the first time.

That moment...I will NEVER forget.

He is such a wonderful father and role model for my girls. I LOVE HIM!

Hannah waiting for her baby sister to get here. She was more excited than anyone else.

This picture still makes my heart race. Just thinking about that wonderful feeling. Its amazing.
Today Kaelyn is so active. She is a joy to be around, our little entertainer and she knows it. She blows raspberries into the air, and makes the silliest noise when she eats (if youre watching her). She is standing on her own, but hasnt taken that first step yet. She is an expert crawler. She loves the cat and you can some times make out the words "kitty kitty" coming from her mouth as she crawls as quickly as she can for the door to see it. She says mama, dada, nana (Hannah), and baba. She has 2 on top and one on bottom. She weighs in at a whopping 24lbs. and (call me a bad mom), I dont know her length. :0( She is average in height, I would say. She is not extremely tall, but shes no shorty either. She LOVES her sister and any child around the same age as Hannah. She watches with such excitement like she knows she can get up and play with them or something. She is a very smart girl. :0) I am blessed to have her as my daughter. I am blessed to have Hannah as my daughter, and Brent as my other half.

She makes me OH SO happy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

(A Day late) :0)
Enjoy my cuties...

Sisterly love

Giving her papa some love


Hannah and Jacey

My little diva (Taylor Swift)

We didnt do a whole lot for Halloween. Saturday we went to Corydon and trick-or-treated a small neighborhood there that we actually went to last year. We went with Brents cousin and her kiddos. It was fun, and we were all exhausted by the end of it. We came home right after the TorT hours were done; around 8ish. We had supper and watched a movie then went to bed.

Sunday the girls and I got up and went to church. We hadnt been for a while and it felt REALLY good to go. Just to be there, to be praising God and worshiping Him, in his house. It was just what I needed to start off the new week. After church we went to my mom and dads, and had lunch. That was nice too, because we hadnt seen them for a while and they were missing their girls!!!

November is here and I am stressing over what to do about Christmas and all of the other Holiday stuff coming up. I LOVE the Holidays so much, I just fret over being able to provide a wonderful experience for my girls; like my parents did for me. We also have the Hawaii trip coming up. Oh dear. I need a second job. Anywho...that is all in another post for a later date.

I hope everyones Halloween was as fun as ours!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010



Thankful for my LOVE

Thankful for the moments we share.

Thankful for my first born-my sweet bug.

Thankful for my second born-my sweet Kaelyn.

Thankful for the bond of sisterhood.

Thankful for FAMILY.

This Thanksgiving season I have SO many things to be thankful for. My family being one of the most important things, to me. I am thankful we all have our health; something we sometimes take for granted. I am thankful that Brent and I both have stable jobs that provide for our family. I am thankful for our extended family...moms, dads, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins; they have all helped us out so much this year...I couldnt imagine life without them.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tag.....You're it!!!

I have finally sat down for a second post! I mean that in more ways than one! I FINALLY have a second to sit down and post a second post! :0) Ya' feel me? Yeah, I am cheesy some times. Anyways...a lot has been going on in our little household lately, I seem to find myself coming and going. I am HERE-NOW though. SO-my dear friend {Beth Ann} tagged me into her last post. It is a little game that allows other bloggers to get to know one another via some random questions. Now...this is my first time, linking, tagging, and so on. So just ~PLEASE~ bare with me.

1. If you could be in any TV show when you were a kid what would it be?

I have to agree with Beth Ann and say...
Home Improvement

(I too was IN LOVE with the cute little guy on the green crate)
C'mon....what little girl with a television and access to Tiger Beat WASN'T in love with him?

:0) Oh the memories.

I say Home Improvement because my house growing up....well, the boys definitely out numbered the girls. Not by many...but they did. We did a lot of boy type activities, (which was okay with me, yes I was a tom boy). You would often hear *argh.argh.argh*, or some other manly type sound coming from one of them in the house, but when it came down to it they all love my mother and I dearly and at the end of the day were just silly boys.

2. What was your favorite Christmas gift as a child?

Growing up I was VERY blessed during Christmas, we were taught the true reason for the season early on, and were reminded often. I was also blessed because our Christmases were AWESOME (to say the least). I was and still am very thankful for what my mom and dad did for us during Christmas. They were always full of family, friends, great food, and presents. We went every where and visited everyone we could. We put up our Christmas tree together and never missed A Charlie Brown Christmas, or How the Grinch Stole Christmas. AWESOME I tell ya!
The only thing that stands out in my mind as being my favorite Christmas gift is...

A lite brite
I could sit LITERALLY for HOURS placing tiny little colored pegs into those tiny holes to produce some grand image that I would then use as my night light.

3. What actress would you want to play you if your life was a movie?

I would hope that if my life were to be made into a movie actresses would be BEGGING for the part. HA! These lovely ladies would be my first picks...


I would probably like some others too, but these two are my favorites. They.are.classic.

4. What decade fad do you wish would come back?

I love the classic hippie/natural/hobo/peasant kind of look. I am very simple in my fashion, not a lot going on. I love these fads that use the natural colors and just look so free, easy and natural. I am pretty sure all of them have made a come back though. :0)

5. What song describes your life?

Oh geez. That is a hard one. I am not very good with the whole pop culture thing. I LOVE music and can sing a long with many different genres of music, but I usually could not tell you who sings the song or probably not even the name of the song!!! Not for the life of me. I wish I could, I just cant seem to place that information in my long term bank. My life as a song. Hhhhmmm...I will have to listen to my radio more intently trying to find the answer to that question.

6. What was your favorite subject in school?

Easy. Science. It didn't involve absolute modifiers, complex sentences, coordinate or cumulative adjectives. Nor did it involve absolute values, algebraic formulas, isosceles triangles, or binomial numbers. I love to write...I am not the best at grammar and never really caught on to the politically correct way to do it, so English wasn't my thing. I am okay with numbers (if I have to be) i.e. my job. I have to do med I made my self like it and understand it. Outside of that Math isn't my thing either. SO...I LOVE SCIENCE! I love going outside and exploring, learning about plants, life, life beyond ours. Its pretty cool, and I love taking my girls out and showing them everything that I found so fascinating.

Speaking of...

7. If you could have a dream job for a day what would it be?

Well, not to brag, but I already have my dream job. I LOVE what I do. Being a NICU nurse I feel like I can touch the tiniest of lives, and when I leave I feel like I have done something while I was there. (Most days anyway). I have ALWAYS held a special place in my heart for infants...really, what little girl doesn't? Anyway, I also have always had a special place in my heart for helping people. While in high school I decided I wanted to go into neonatal nursing, then I had my first daughter Hannah, and changed my mind. I started nursing school and got the opportunity to shadow in the NICU, and that is when I decided that I REALLY DID want to take care of the tiniest of patients. I LOVE MY JOB and am SO very grateful that I am able to say that because most people cant say it and truly mean it.

8. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

I would love to be lots of animals for lots of different reasons. The one I think I would most like to be is a cat. Not any ordinary ally cat, or outside cat. I would want to be a big fat house know, the one that has been there is no chance of me ever being left outside for too long. The one that lays any where in the house it wants, particularly in their humans lap. The one that gets fed the tuna type food from the can and has so many fuzzy, feather toys, and scratch posts it doesn't know what to do with them. That's the kind of animal I would like to be. :0)

Well, that's it. I did it. I fumbled through my first tagged post, I uploaded pictures from the Internet, from my computer, and linked one of my friend in my post! Hopefully this is the beginning of some regularity in posting on my blog? Thanks, Beth Ann. :0) Now, I will attempt to tag some they can keep this TAG post going. LOL. Maybe not. I don't have any friends that have not been tagged into this particular questionnaire. Maybe next time. I'm glad you got to learn a little about me any way. IF for some reason you come across this and would like to participate and haven't done it yet. PLEASE.FEEL.FREE!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

For the first time...

I am FINALLY posting on my blog FOR THE FIRST TIME! I have technically had a blogger account since 2008 and have started to write an initial post so many times ITS NOT even funny! SO, recently I have been caught up in several other peoples blogs; feeling their emotions, praying for them, and loving catching up on what is going on in their lives. Since I have been reading a lot of blogs lately I catch my self through out my day thinking, "this would make a good post on my blog", my blog with no posts anyway. I suppose ANYTHING would make a good post on my blog.

I have wanted to start a blog to have a way to jot down fun memories, life changing events, major milestones, and lazy days. Maybe in later years my family and I will have something to look back on.

Here are my little families stats to date:

He is my rock.
He loves his girls unconditionally.
Sometimes a little shy.
He works his butt off. He just wants to provide for his family and he does a good job at it.
Doesnt give himself enough credit for how great of a man he truly is.
Currently is your local cable man, and is GOOD at it, cause he is good at whatever he does.
He makes my heart skip a beat and I dont know what I would do without him in my life.

(Yours truly)
I am currently working as a RN in the NICU at Kosair Childrens.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my family!
I would do anything for just about anyone.
To be quite honest I have never been as happy with my life as I am at this very moment.
Things could'nt be better!

6 years old
In the BIG 1st grade, I cant believe how fast it goes!!!
She is my little spit fire, very witty.
Will call anyone out on anything, sometimes a good thing...sometimes bad.
Remembers EVERYTHING!!!
Very smart little girl.
Loves to snuggle.
TALKS seriously probably 15 hours out of the day! The other 9 she is sleeping and eating!
I have always said she will do great things with her life, she has always been fiercely independent and strong.

The newest of the crew.
9 months old.
Crawls everywhere and will be walking soon.
Has one chomper...working on more.
She is my love bug.
She, I have a feeling, will need more reassurance than her older sister, but that is what we as parents and siblings are here to do...reassure, right?
She LOVES her older sister, you can watch her watch Hannah with such curiosity like she is wondering just where Hannah is going and if she can go to. They will be the best of friends.
She is querky; and will have a WONDERFUL sense of humour.
(they will for ever be the best of friends)
This is the beginning of my blog. I am very excited to finally have it underway...finally writing down the fondest of my memories as they happen. I am going to try my best to post at least 3 times a week. That is a promise to myself.